About the Derwent SequenceBase

Search and explore global patent sequence data

Pharmaceutical firms, biotech companies, academia and law firms, are relying more and more on the Derwent SequenceBase, as their solution for all their Intellectual Property (IP) sequence searching needs, including patentability, freedom-to-operate, patent infringement, validity, and business intelligence.

Key benefits include:

  • All search and analysis within a browser-based interface
  • Less time spent retrieving comprehensive results
  • Superior quality of results compared to alternative sources
  • The opportunity to search and explore whenever necessary in your work processes

The amount of legal and scientific data recorded in patent sequence datasets has grown exponentially. Scientists and legal professionals carrying out essential IP research are seeking the best and simplest way to discover IP sequence information across disparate resources.

In the past, their alternatives relied on outsourcing or stepping carefully through multiple, databases — workflows which often left them with major difficulties to overcome:

  • Is this search really complete?
  • The volume of results is overwhelming!
  • Time taken for results analysis inhibits the IP sequence search process
  • Sifting through duplicated results from multiple databases is slow and inefficient
  • Outsourcing is expensive and hard to integrate into workflows
  • It’s hard to share and report results in a simple accessible way

To overcome these challenges, IP specialists are increasingly turning to the Derwent SequenceBase, the online IP research solution with easy-to-use, readily accessible content, search, analysis, and reporting tools.

Example record
Sample #{with_registered_sign 'USGENE'} record 20140033364.1
Sample USGENE® record 20140033364.1

The Derwent SequenceBase provides access to non-redundant versions of the ground-breaking USGENE®, GENESEQ, and GENESEQ FASTAlert databases.

The USPTO Genetic Sequence Database, USGENE®, aggregates, normalizes, curates and updates U.S. patents sequence data from all relevant global datasets, including USPTO, PSIPS, NCBI and EMBL. Over 344,000 U.S. patents and published patent applications — including sequence data and annotations – are archived and updated twice a week, every Tuesday and Thursday. USGENE® is simply the most comprehensive and timely U.S. patent sequence database available.

Clarivate Analytics GENESEQ provides global patent sequence data indexed from 56 worldwide patent-issuing authorities, including WIPO/PCT, USPTO, Europe (EPO), Japan (JPO), South Korea (KIPO), India (IP India) and China (CNIPA). Each sequence record contains standardized terminology and bibliographic data, enhanced titles, English language abstracts, and other manually-captured sequence information. Over 405,000 basic patent publications – including sequence data and annotations – are archived and updated once every two weeks. GENESEQ, combined with its fast-updating companion GENESEQ FASTAlert , is the world’s most comprehensive value-added global patent sequence database.


The Derwent SequenceBase offers the industry-standard NCBI BLAST search suite of search options, employed against a customizable, definitive global patent sequence dataset.

Sequence search workflow
Sequence search workflow

The Derwent SequenceBase results evaluation allows users to interactively filter on key fields to quickly pinpoint the most interesting hits. The system also offers a set of simple but comprehensive IP search reports, in PDF, DOCX, or XLSX format, for sharing results and collaborating with colleagues.

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Search workflow results (1)
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Search workflow results (2)